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AGE BLURRING I I met a young fashion designer friend for lunch Saturday at Barney’s. He asked for some advice in starting up his business. I went into my usual pep talk. Believe in your talent, keep working, never give up, and success will come. Then I asked him what I thought was a rather simple question: “Who is your client?” He gazed across the restaurant as if he were searching for an answer. Finally he responded, “Young women in their 20s, 30s or 40s.” I was amazed at his definition of “young.” Young now crosses over three decades? My first reaction was that this kid must not have a clue. Then I looked across the restaurant. We were in a sea of age-blurred New Yorkers. Certainly there were some who looked older than others, but only a very few looked elderly. I am not a member of the Peter Pan club. I am quite aware that time is passing. In fact, my first thought was that my inability to guess someone’s age was indicative of my own age. Then I realized that this was just a very polished crowd. Everyone, from the trendiest to the most classic and conservative, looked great — and amazingly young. What was their secret?
Observation 1) Young hair is the best age-eraser. The right hair style can make you look years younger. It should have the correct shape to accent your assets and disguise your defects. The color should be vibrant and shiny. It should flatter your skin tone. Think of hair color as makeup that doesn’t wash off.
Observation 2) Makeup is essential. When used with moderation, it keeps you looking young as you age. It helps you feel refreshed and pretty, even when you’re having a bad day. Most makeup today will also moisturize your skin and protect it from the elements. Simply adding a touch of color to your complexion or lips can make you appear years younger.
Observation 3) Eyebrows should be beautifully shaped and full. They frame and accent your eyes. They should not be too light or overly tweezed. Thin or sparse eyebrows are aging. Softly fill them in with a powder and a brow brush.
Observation 4) Lips should be lush. Lip balm will keep your lips looking moist, plump and young all day and all night long. -Louis Licari

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