SPRING COLOR TRENDS 2016 by Louis Licari

Hair color styles have never been as significant as they are now. We have never seen so many colors looks come and go in such a brief time. Hombre took the world by storm, obvious roots became the norm, pastels were worn by more than the daring few. The look of hair color has forever changed and the new trends are evolving faster than ever before. 

There is only one question to ask yourself when picking a hair color: Does my new color suit me?  At first you might think this is a simple question, but it is much more involved than you might guess. Hair color today is fashion. Your color speaks volumes about you and your personal style. It says even more about you than your clothes do, which you can shed and vary several times a day. To change hair color, on the other hand, requires a bit more effort. If done well, it should be flattering, unique to you, and give you a glow that only the right hair color can deliver. Let's talk about what was and what is in 2016. 

1) Ombre. Ombre was one of the most popular color styles of the last couple of years. It initially used a woman’s natural color for about a quarter of the head, leading to a rather abrupt change of color towards the tips of the hair. This approach has evolved in 2016. Starting with the natural color, we now slowly transition from there to another shade as we work towards the tips of the hair. The look is not solid; rather, it has contrast throughout. Some strokes of color start from the roots, although the strands appear to come from nowhere. This allows any woman to wear almost any color because the new shade doesn't frame her face. Now the full color palette is available and flattering to almost everyone.

2) RootsOnce taboo, showing your roots is now desirable — but not the high-contrast roots we saw in previous years. Today’s look is softer, with the roots relating to your new color of choice. They serve a very important purpose, providing contrast to your complexion. This allows you to wear your hair a bit lighter or brighter than what was previously appropriate for you. It is a major faux pas in the world of hair if the color of a woman's complexion is too close to her current hair color. The result is guaranteed to give her a “washed out,” ghostly look. 

3) Shadow. The shadow knows! In the past, single-process or highlighted hair always started from the roots, applied evenly from there down to the tips of the hair. This year, a shadow is introduced right at the roots of the hair to make the color there a slightly deeper shade than the rest of the hair. This creates the illusion of the new color starting gradually instead of abruptly. Adding shadow is one of the most flattering color changes we will see in 2016. It's modern and it’s practical as well; it lengthens the time between touch-ups. The end result can make a rather extreme change seem much closer to your God-given color.

4) Pastels. Pastel hair colors were once the daring choice of the eccentric fashion few who chose to be noticed. This extreme color trend, which works best on lighter blond tones, has softened in 2016. It is no longer necessary to bleach your hair first to a platinum shade.The slightest pink, purple or blue glaze should be barely there, flattering and fun. Pastels can also work on darker hair when a varnish of the same unnatural color is washed through the hair, making the contrast less extreme.